American Standart Bidet seat cover New Slim Smart Washer 3

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<p>Tutup kloset terbaru dari american standard New Slim Smart Washer 3, nyaman dan aman khususnya untuk membersihkan organ kewanitaan, dengan desain yang lebih ramping dan modern, dengan tutup kloset yang dilapisi anti bakteri, cocok digunakan untuk berbagi jenis model kloset american standard seperti seri OD1, B1A, My Winston,Luxia series, dan newton. <br />Dapatkan produk ini di toko kami, dijamin baru, dan packing kiriman barang yang sangat aman, dilengkapi bubble dan wraping menjamin barang diterima dalam keadaaan baik. <br /><img style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="" alt="" width="755" height="755" /></p>
<p>Feature<br />Dual Nozzles<br />Equipped with dedicated front and rear cleansing nozzles.<br />Posterior Cleansing<br />Offers a strong, direct spray for athorough cleanse.<br />Air Bubble Soft Cleansing (Feminine)<br />A gentle flow of warm aeratedwater provides a soothing showerthat'''s gentle enough for a woman'''sdelicate areas.<br />Self-cleaning Nozzles<br />Suitable for both elderly and children, one-touch cleansing activates the posterior/ feminine cleansing & dryer functions consecutively at a touch of a button.<br />Anti-Bacterial Protection (SIAA)<br />Uses anti-bacterial resin on seat,cover, nozzle and remote control.Certified to SIAA ISO 22196 standard for anti-bacterial efficacy (seat only).</p>
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